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The Alcohol Markers I Use: Arrtx

I feel like these markers are  great for people with some coloring experience who want to be able to layer, blend and combine colors, but who don’t want to spend a bunch of money on the professional-level brands like Copic

I also have the 40 Pastel (brush tip) set, the 36 Skin Tone Set and the 24 Floral Colors Set. 


A coloring friend of mine recently told me about this brand, which she called an “Ohuhu Dupe” and I agree! These are sooo good! And they’re about 1/3 the price of the other brands I love, which makes them a find for both new and experienced colorists that don’t want to spend a bunch! 

The Other Alcohol Markers I Use: Ohuhu & Sanjoki

Ohuhu’s are pretty similar in price and quality to Arrtx markers (in my opinion!)

If you’re looking for alcohol markers that are really nice quality, I’m in looove with my new Sakjokis!! And the cute case they come in makes them SO easy to store and organize! 

The White Uniball Pen I Use:

These white pens are great for making highlights, covering mistakes, and more! 

I love this alcohol marker storage and organizer! 

I like this marker storage unit more than others I have (I’m looking at you, Ohuhu organizer!) it has slots for each marker, which helps keep them in place and in the right order! 


Plus: it holds 144 markers and is made from bamboo! 

Spectrum Noir Sparkle Fine Glitter Brush Pens:

I’m obsessed with these glitter brush pens! The “clear” glitter adds a nice touch of glitter to anything you’ve already colored! And the pastel glitter brush pens look great alone and blended! 

The Colored Pencils I Use:

These colored pencils are great for coloring books! They are creamy and easy to blend. And they are affordable for most people. I love them. If you’re looking for a more affordable brand, I also really like the Amazon Basics colored pencils! 

And if you’re going to use colored pencils, this deli Rechargeable Electric Pencil Sharpener is amazing!! 

How can you LOVE a pencil sharpener? I don’t know… but I do! And this is the one. 

The Glitter Markers I Use:

These Ohuhu glitter markers are sooo glittery! They’re fun to color with, but I will say this: if you go over the same spot too many times, it starts to eat up the paper. So use them lightly! (I also like the Mondo Llama Glitter pens from Target, but they come in a small (5) pack.)

The Glitter Gel Pens I Use:

While these Soucolor glitter gel pens don’t have quite as much glitter as the Ohuhus, but for the price and the sheer number of colors you get (plus refills!!) they’re a no-brainer for me! 

Looking for a more affordable Alcohol Marker? Try this 100 pack from Belleza! 

While Arrtx remain my personal favorite alcohol markers, this pack from Belleza is really nice for hobbiest colorers, new colorers, or younger coloring book enthusiasts.

The reasons for this, in my opinion: they are actually a little too “juicy” (the ink travels so much on the paper, it frequently goes out of the lines), I personally can’t get them to blend well at all, and they make a “scratchy” noise when coloring. But if you’re into that ASMR, you might love them! 

I have mixed feelings on these SAKURA Glaze 3D Ink Pens….

While I enjoy the glassy look of the ink while coloring, I’m not overly impressed with the finished (ie., dried) result. While they’re fun to use, I’d give them a 6.5/10.